What is EndWarts PEN?

EndWarts PEN is a unique and effective wart treatment that only takes seconds to apply. The solution can be used by the whole family to remove warts and verrucas on hands, feet, elbows and knees.

Effective wart removal treatment

EndWarts PEN contains a powerful formic acid solution and comes in a convenient applicator that makes the treatment fast and easy. The formic acid in the pen penetrates the wart and dries it out, causing the body to reject it.

The pen contains enough acid for approximately 30 treatments. Since no viruses can survive in the solution, the same pen can be used by several family members. But if you have two or more warts that need to be treated, there is no advantage in sharing it with others.

Powerful wart removal

When used correctly, EndWarts PEN does not cause infections, pain or scarring. Since it can be used on thin skin, the pen is suitable for small children. Please consult a Healthcare Professional for children under 4 years.

EndWarts PEN can also be used by diabetics, and pregnant and nursing women.1 This treatment is also sufficient for treating many warts at once.

Formic acid, which is the active ingredient in EndWarts PEN, has been proven to be very effective on warts in several clinical studies. In one such study, 9 out of 10 2 were wart free within 12 treatments with formic acid. On average, the warts disappeared after 4-5 treatments.

Easy and fast – only use once a week!

The ergonomic EndWarts PEN was designed to make wart removal simple and precise. The applicator automatically delivers the right dose when the tip is pressed against the wart. Using EndWarts PEN only takes a few seconds once a week, so the wart treatment itself contributes virtually no stress or interruption of your day.

Ask your pharmaciest for further information about EndWarts PEN.


1 Patient leaflet

2 Bhat et al., International Journal of Dermatology 2001, 40, 415±419.