Ever wondered what the ingredients in your product bottles actually do? Here we put the spotlight on one of Dermalex’s hero skin saviours: Magneolite®

What is Magneolite®? Magneolite® is a mixture of alkaline earth metals (magnesium chloride) and alumino silicate minerals (clinoptilolite)

How does Magneolite® contribute to the treatment of eczema symptoms? In normal skin, the skin barrier stability is maintained by an ionic ingredient, in disrupted skin this ingredient is either interrupted or non-existent.

Dermalex’s unique Magneolite® complex contributes to the normalisation of the ionic environment in the skin by increasing magnesium levels and accelerating the skin barrier recovery[i] [ii]

What is the end result? A clinical study showed that Dermalex Eczema (containing Magneolite®) was as effective as a 1% hydrocortisone, after 6 weeks of use in the treatment of atopic eczema[iii]


Dermalex Eczema is a treatment cream indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate eczema symptoms such as itching redness and dryness. It is available in 100g tubes and in two different formulations for adults and babies.  Dermalex does not contain steroids, artificial colourings, parabens or perfumes. Always read the leaflet.

MT. Dermalex 2018.003


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