Mommy Care specialises in the development and production of skin care products for expecting mothers, babies and children and makes a point of developing natural and safe products for use during the time when skin is most sensitive.

Our line of maternity products can be used to prevent stretch marks and help the body retain its shape after pregnancy. Our baby and kids products are especially suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skin. The safety of mother and child is our primary concern at Mommy Care, so at a time when it really matters our customers can feel safe and taken care of while using our products. Mommy Care, a natural and organic range of products, never use parabens, petroleum based ingredients, SLS, or any other controversial ingredient and it is our mission to keep developing high quality, safe skin care products that support moms who are looking to make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves and their children. For more information and samples contact Mommy Care exclusive distributors, Alfred Gera & Sons Ltd.