YOGI stands for modern, trustworthy Ayurvedic tea, unique flavours, joyful inspiration as well as for balance of body, mind and spirit in a natural way.

YOGI is developed by the YOGI TEA company, an expert of organic teas for more than 40 years. The brand inherits all the positive associations and quality standards of the iconic brand YOGI TEA®. It offers a product assortment that was especially developed and designed to appeal to a broader consumer group with a general interest in a holistic and active healthy life.

The new YOGI product line combines the ancient knowledge of herbs and spices from around the world with today’s modern and contemporary knowledge for making absolutely delicious and healthy tea compositions. With this new range, body, mind and spirit are being brought into balance in a natural way. Thus, YOGI supports the modern lifestyle of a wide range of consumers that are searching for balance between nutrition, health care and work life.

This new range offers modern, tasty, high quality organic tea blends, which have a holistic, positive and active healthy image. Each tea bag is endowed with the well-established tea tag wisdoms and information on yoga poses as known from the YOGI TEA® boxes. YOGI has a unique pack size with eye catching designs that communicate indulgence and flavour and therefore have a broader appeal to the consumers in the grocery channel.